I’m hard working, most of the time never ashamed of where I am and where I find myself.
I’m respectable,honest,and kind
I’m very accommodating and listens to people’s views.

My physical appearance is  different in the way I relate with people, my friends when I mean friends my friends and what we discuss is confidential I don’t relate it with my family likewise my family I don’t relate vital issue to my friends. Apart from that I don’t have any other thing that is different.

I feel humble associating with my parent,then my eldest sister and gain control and respect with my younger ones.

I run errands, clean the house, do my laundry and iron my parent’s clothes.
My favorite sport is Golf.
I read often.
I don’t like anyone taking me for granted, as well as I enjoy people happy I am also happy.
I have one special mood that I detest that is doing nothing and thinking too much about life.
I’d know about religious life, it is a life of devotion that one gives his/her time for service to God and solitude.
I’d surfs the internet, reading novels and watching movies and listening to music strictly rock.
My friends changes regularly based on the environment because of the circumstances when one moves from one place to the other. But I have a selected friends that are close to me. What I don’t like is always be the one to try to connect and nobody shows no caring though.
I am not handicap physically and I don’t boast about other people or boast of myself better than any other. I feel that each of us can learn from each other.

Respect have influence me a lot and the oath of protecting family interest instead of being a snitch to tell someone else is that my whole knows that person and consider a member of the family.

I have a religious experience my devotedly praying the rosary at 5:30pm which has help me constantly in prayers and developing faith.
Anybody is my friend as long as he/she make a good conversation.

I make my own decision very well and conservatively and bold enough to give reasons and if I’m wrong, I take the fall, and apologize.

When I was 25years that was the time I started schooling for my degrees. Its has given me the opportunities to view life occasionally, it helps me to choose good and shun evil or wrong doings.

I have love going to school, majorly to learn, I don’t have any part of influence other than making friends and having a good conversation.
I love to teach and put my best and what I like about it was to motivate students from making mistakes that I did or young people always fall into.

I shared my finances with my family when they need them mostly.
I have a vivid idea of the redemptorist, nobody influence me mainly on the redemptorist publication that I read on the internet, and books et cetera.

I am confident to go ahead with what I want to become, even at difficult times.
I would like to change, and adjust more in prayerfulness and strong in working and making conversation with lot of people.

I love to be a writer, and reading articles and analysis them and writing which is my main idea of becoming a priest has made it clear that I can write well my sermons,and proclaim it out to the people at mass 
Reverend father Celestine Okah I love so much for his great love for prayer, desposition given the sacrament of penance to his parishioner at confession and the celebration of the mass.


About politician01

i am a human being that love to interact with people believing in the view of my philosopher that man is a political animal
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